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Our story: established 2008

The name Luigi and Raffaele’s stems from a legendary man and an italian tradition to name your first son after the father on the father’s side. My father is Luigi (Lou) Boccardi and my name is Raffaele Boccardi, named after my grandfather. My first son’s name is Luigi (after my father) and my second son’s name is Raffaele (after my grandfather and myself). My father taught me how to cook northern Italian food from the age of 5, when I first began making pizzas while standing on a crate. He not only taught me how to cook, but he taught me how important it was to make your customers happy.

My father died in 1985 and so did a part of me. Hence after years of going through the motions, I withdrew from the restaurant business for 14 years. I am now readier than ever to re-enter with my children ages 9, 11, and 22, and again bring my dad’s spirit with me. It gives me great pleasure to work along side my daughter, Amanda, and to teach my sons, Lou and Ray, as my father taught me. “Luigi & Raffaele’s”, is dedicated to my late father Luigi (Lou) Boccardi. An Italian tradition carried on and a legend made immortal. I hope you enjoy our food as much as we love preparing it for you.

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Luigi and Raffaele Boccardi’s Italian Express
Est. October 2016

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Thank you,
Raffaele (Ray) Boccardi

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